Unrequited Love To The Maximum
Can I have your intestines? I think they will make lovely decorations in the streets of Ikebukuro~
As long as that person is happy, as long as I can stay by their side, and that they accept my love, I'll be fine.
And if you even think about getting close to them I'll kill you.
Ahh, it hurts...

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This is an independent DRRR!! OC RP Blog

However I can multiverse if you would like to discuss that with me~ Other than that the setting is usually Yan's universe in the city of Ikebukuro~~ Hope to have fun with all of you~~!!

80% of the icons I use for Yandere-kun are mine. Other than that most are basically random characters that have similar features to Yan.

Yan’s face screwed up in distaste. When looking at the man he was about to bark out an insult but the cat ears made him stop and snap his mouth shut. “I…don’t know what to say….or what to think for that matter.” All he could do was narrow his eyes.